Terms & Conditions

MEDIU Student Recruitment: Terms and Conditions
Intake Sept/Oct 2019

Terms and conditions of the Ziel Scholarship

1.    General Terms and Conditions

Ziel Scholarship is a scheme open to all individuals regardless of gender, race, religion, or nationality. All Bachelors, Masters, PhD and Postgraduate online and offline programmes currently offered by MEDIU qualify for Ziel Scholarships scheme. Same scholarship amount of $1,170 applies to all programmes except for Postgraduate Diplomas for which the scholarship amount is $713 (RM3,000). The actual amount will be deducted and paid in Malaysian ringgits. It is also subject to change as explained in Other Terms and Conditions below.

Selection of admission is based on an overall assessment of the eligibility criteria as detailed below. In order to be granted the scholarship, students are required to meet all of the requirements listed below.

Al-Madinah International University (MEDIU) reserves the right to reject an application in case the academic profile of a prospective student does not meet standards and benchmarks accepted by MEDIU regardless of whether the prospective student is or is not eligible for the scholarship scheme. The university may at its discretion, cancel a student registration for lack of academic progress or failure to abide by the Rules and Regulations of MEDIU at any stage of the enrolment process.

To qualify as a Recipient of Ziel Global Scholarship, prospective students are required to:

  • Intend to become a registered full-time or part-time online student at MEDIU for any of the Bachelors, Masters, PhD and Postgraduate programmes currently offered by MEDIU. Scholarships for on-campus courses will only be provided for Malaysian nationals that meet the requirements as stipulated in this Terms & Conditions document and apply for Bachelors, Masters, PhD or Postgraduate programmes only.
  • NOT be a current student at MEDIU and NOT have made any payments to MEDIU for the chosen programme before completion of the online registration form at https://zielscholarships.com.
  • The scholarship will be provided upon completion of MEDIU’s online registration process and payment of the fees for the first semester of the programme. The first payment transfer is the ultimate proof that the student has been successfully enrolled. Only one payment slip for the 1st semester of study needs to be submitted by the student to Ziel Scholarships.
  • The scholarship will be automatically deducted from the total cost of the programme selected. This will then generate a new total which will be divided by the total number of semesters of the chosen programme so that the price of each semester, regardless of its length, will be the same throughout the programme.
  • All applicants are responsible to comply with the requirements of MEDIU’s application process by producing all required documents and information as stipulated in the application procedures at https://www.mediu.edu.my/admissions/application-procedures/ and in MEDIU’S course registration form. The scholarship does not release a new student from being obliged to fulfil MEDIU’s entry requirements or regulations that normally apply to all self-funded courses.

2.  Other Terms and Conditions

  • Scholarships are awarded in the form of a tuition fee discount and cannot be transferred to another individual, exchanged for cash or any other financial benefit or otherwise modified. A scholarship only covers fees: any other costs incurred in the course of study are borne by the Recipient of the scholarship. We have calculated the scholarship amount of $1,170 which is equivalent to RM5,000 based on yesterday’s exchange rate.
  • All individuals who have completed the registration form on Ziel Scholarships website and registered for the chosen programme through MEDIU registration form are required to make the full payment for the 1st semester fees (as instructed by the letter that will be sent to them) before the 19th September 2019.
  • Fee payment is required upon registration or by the intake date, as per the point above, and according to the due dates for subsequent semesters as stated in MEDIU’s standard payment schedule. The scholarship does not allow for any untimely or delayed payments for the programme, unless otherwise agreed with the Finance Department of MEDIU.
  • All new students enrolled through Ziel Scholarships can be tracked by MEDIU’s Admissions Department from the Admissions Portal. Scholarships can be provided without delay and difficulty only when the applicant uses the “scholarZG” code in the “Additional Information” section in MEDIU’s Student Registration Form.
  • Ziel Global reserves the right to decide on the quantum and number of scholarships to be awarded or revoked.