$1,170 Partial Scholarship for Online Study? Time is ticking!

What We Offer

Who is it for?

This mode of study suits people with varied circumstances, including:

24/7 Flexibility

Those who want a fast-paced, immersive learning experience with 24/7 flexibility.

Busy Schedule

Those who have a busy schedule and prefer to set their own pace for learning.

Busy Travellers

Those who travel extensively for work; live internationally for certain period of time; have irregular work patterns/hours.

Full Time Work

Those with an established family and full-time work. It gives the flexibility to manage other commitments.

Geographically Mobile

Those who are geographically mobile or living in geographically remote areas.


Those who have learning difficulties and disabilities.

Methods of Learning

Exciting Online Learning

24/7 access to engaging, interactive and convenient online learning environment.


User Friendly

A user-friendly personalised learning hub, tailored to your learning needs.

Online Submissions

Complete assignments and watch webinars and presentations online.

Assorted Content

Opportunity to engage with different types of content like recorded lectures, self-instructional modules, video & audio podcasts and visually enhanced PPT presentations.

Online Library Resources

Access to wealth of online library resources including full text access to e-books, e-journals and past exam papers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

All you need to do is:

Step 1: Complete the short Scholarship registration form right at the bottom of this page.
Step 2: Complete the MEDIU course registration form (Enter code “ScholarZG” under “additional information” tab in the MEDIU registration form).

Do I get a full scholarship?

No, this is a partial scholarship. The $1,170 scholarship amount will be deducted from the total programme fee. E.g. A programme with 20,000RM ($4,700 USD) in fees, will be $3,530 (minus the $1,170 scholarship) to be equally split over the semesters in the programme. So if there are 4 semesters in total $882,50 will be paid in each semester.

Where will I be studying?

The scholarship is ONLY available for online distance-learning programmes that will not require you to relocate or travel. (Scholarships for on-campus courses are only provided for Malaysian nationals.)

I have completed both steps, how do I claim my scholarship now?

Step 1: After submitting the MEDIU registration form (see “How do I apply?”), please wait for the official offer letter, that will be emailed to you by MEDIU.
Step 2: Make the payment as instructed in the offer letter and email a copy of the payment confirmation to: contact@zielgroup.net

I am having problems completing the MEDIU registration form?

Please get in touch with our admin team via email: contact@zielgroup.net or WhatsApp: +60172025595

$1,170 Scholarship?
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Interested to attend the Summer School in the U.K (in future)

Interested to attend the Summer School in the U.K (in future)

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